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15 May 2020
15 May 2020
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Sun Dried Tomatoes

asotomatoes are harvested in Western part of Turkey like Izmir, Manisa, Aydin, and dried under Mediterranean Sun according to hygienic rules.

Our sun dried tomatoes are salted or sulphured.

Available shapes are halves, diced, stripes or powder.

Packing sizes are generally in 10kg cartons. Vacuum Packages are available upon request.

Our tomatoes are hand picked at the peak of their maturity. Only the ideal tomatoes are picked off their vine during the first pass. After passing inspection they go directly to the plant for processing to avoid losing any of their flavor or color.

The tomatoes are gently washed in water to remove the soil and dust off the surface of the tomatoes, followed by a fresh water rinse. The tomatoes then get sized inline. Sorters with keen eyes and fast hands remove any tomatoes that are unacceptable off specially designed belts that position the tomatoes. High speed blades, cut each tomato in half. Then the tomato halves are cured with sulfur dioxide prior to drying. This fixes the bright color of the tomato, inhibits microbiogical growth, and contributes to the unique flavor of the product.

After curing, the tomatoes are moved to the drying yard and are laid out, cut-side up, to allow full exposure to the sun. The sulfur dioxide evaporates slowly from the tomatoes, and as it evaporates it creates a natural barrier to rodents, birds and insects. Over a period of five to six days the rays of the sun dry the tomatoes.

When the tomatoes have been sun dried to their optimum moisture, the tomatoes are taken to the plant where the tomatoes are sorted again for any undesirables. After the initial sorting the tomatoes are placed in bins for storage. Until the sun dried tomatoes are processed and packaged for shipment they are kept in cold storage to maintain their color and flavor. Throughout the year, when orders are received, the tomatoes are subjected to a final inspection by skilled sorters who have been trained to remove unacceptable halves and foreign matter. The Sun Dried Tomatoes may also be treated with salt rather than sulphur dioxide, and also be sliced, diced or chopped before packaging.

Aso Tomatoes

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Standard Halves
Standard Julienne cut
Standard Diced
High Moisture Halves and Julienne cut
Semi-Dried Halves and Quarters
Granules Thick and Fine
Pellets Thick and Fine