Little Pieces, Great Tastes


Food Safety for every day.
Aso Food’s business environment is people’s everyday life.
Our products play an important part in people’s lives, that is, in bringing dried fruits, nuts and ingredients for every day. Our focus is on processing products that bring safety for every day. Consumers experience the comfort for everyday life offered by Aso Food in the form of high product quality and safety every single day.


Aso Food’s aim is to become the leading Turkish dried fruits, nuts and ingredients exporter company in selected markets in Europe, America and Asia. Aso Food’s business operations are based on the needs of customers and consumers and a clear knowledge of the market the company operates in. Aso Food is a strong, highly focused company with a clearly defined area of business.


Within the company there is a strong focus on developing common working practices. Best practices are born out of a common set of values and the commitment of the entire personnel to the company’s strategy. Aso Food's values • Creating added value • Trust • Continuous improvement • We do it Aso Food’s values are reflected in the way the company operates. We want to create added value for our customers by bringing them the best solutions on a win-win basis. Professionalism and quality provide further value for the customer. Trust means we keep our promises, in other words, we are reliable. Through continuous improvement we encourage new ideas, we are proactive and act fast to meet customers’ needs. "We do it" means that we develop our operations according to the market, and we focus on continuity and long-term partnerships.


Aso Food’s strategic objective is to achieve dynamic growth in selected markets. In order to reach its strategic objectives, Aso Food seeks to strengthen those areas where it has a competitive advantage in the face of increasing competition. The values defined by the company support implementation of the strategy. Aso Food focuses on: • Customer and market orientation • A wide range of high quality products • Premium product and close customer cooperation • Total profitability • Innovativeness • Environmental soundness

Aso Food is a strong, highly focused company with a clearly defined area of business. The short decision-making chain allows the company to work efficiently and quickly. In the near future, the focus will be on making activities more efficient and on developing dried fruits, nuts, dried vegetables and ingredients that bring safety for every day