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15 May 2020
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  • The hazelnut (Corylus avellena L) which is grown as the most widespread one of the nuts  all over the world, grows under appropriate conditions special to itself and its homeland is Turkey that it is at top positions of the most significant agricultural products of our country. So it the hazelnut  is  one of the strategic  products of our Turkey by its significant production and export values and its superior quality.
  • Turkey realize 70% of the world hazelnut production, followed by Italy (14%), USA (4.3%), and Spain (3%) in the production.
  • In addition, covering 80% of the total hazelnut export volume , Turkey carries 75% of the volume of total export. Turkey is respectively followed by Italy (10%), Azerbaijan (3.5%) and Spain (2.4%). Turkey’s hazelnut export are mainly in two groups, natural raw hazelnuts and processed hazelnuts.
  • According to the a large number researches in the world, it is described that daily consumption of nuts significantly reduces the risk of death from heart disease and prevent  other chronic diseases
  • For over 20 years, Aso Food is proud to supply hazelnuts and hazelnut products to all over the world.
  • Our main hazelnut products are, Hazelnuts Inshell, Natural Hazelnut Kernels, Blanched / Roasted Hazelnut Kernels, Chopped and Roasted Hazelnuts, Hazelnuts Flour and Hazelnut Paste. We mainly export our hazelnuts in 25-50kg bags or 10-12.5-25kg vacuums outer cartons.



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