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''Speeches of Mr. Sorgun Ozbalci in Foodnews
Dried Fruit and Nuts Conference-2003 Amsterdam''
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''Consumption and Product Trends in Turkey - Dried Fruits and Nuts''
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Turkey has the most suitable climate conditions for vine growing in the world and is the origin of the vine genes. The archaeological findings in Anatolia proved that this culture of vine growing dates back to 3500 BC.

Grape figures, found in different locations of Anatolia points out to the fact that growing grapes has been the part of the culture for centuries.

In the period of Hittites; that is 1800 – 1550 BC; grape growing and wine making was developed and during religious ceremonies these were votive offerings to the gods. Hittites had agricultural laws similar to today’s in order to protect the vine yards. Historical coins with grape figures were used in Western Anatolia.

Grape and wine have always played an important social and commercial role in Western Anatolia. Yet, through out the history the region’s major consumption has been either as table grape or as dried fruit. Raisin juice, dried layers of raisin pulp was also being produced.


World sultana raisins production differs from year to year due to weather conditions. The average production is between 665,000 and 800,000 metric tons. Turkey ranked as the second biggest producer of sultana raisins in 1999 crop season with a tonnage of 214,000 metric tons that is 28% of the 755,900 metric tons of total world production.

Sultanas form an important part of the agricultural exports in Turkey. Bigger portion of the sultanas produced in Turkey is being exported. In 1999 season 191,126 metric tons of sultanas which is 88% of the total production of that season, were exported. Over 57,000 families earn their living from this industry. It also has importance in different stages of domestic and international marketing after production and for being involved by many organizations.

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