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''Speeches of Mr. Sorgun Ozbalci in Foodnews
Dried Fruit and Nuts Conference-2003 Amsterdam''
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''Consumption and Product Trends in Turkey - Dried Fruits and Nuts''
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The Black Sea region has the ideal climatic conditions and soil for hazelnuts. Hazelnut is classified under the flowering botanical group and is the only plant on earth blooming

And fertilizing during the winter. The green leaves of the female flower form the cup like cupula of the hazelnut. There are several varieties of hazelnut. Hazelnuts grow in

Our country are breeds of Corylus Avellana and Corylus Maxima with heights reaching up to 5-6 meters.

After maturing in August, the hazelnuts are dried, and after being treated through different processes, brought to the Market in September and October. The most organized

Hazelnut Growing Areas

Grown along the between the 36-41 parallels of the world, and requiring a special limate, hazelnut bush mostly bears fruit at places not more than 750-1000 meters high and maximum of 30 kilometers from the seashore. Turkey, Italy, Spain and the USA are the main hazelnut growing countries.

Turkey realize approximately 65-75 % of annual production of the world.

Turkish Hazelnut

Turkish hazelnuts being a determinant of standard of in the world, are divided into two as Giresun and Levant, in t erms of quality.

Giresun quality is a premium class whit ratio of fat in its content and taste, superior to all hazelnuts in the world.

Levant quality is low in fat content. Grown in Trabzon and some areas of Ordu, Samsun, Bolu, Sakarya, Zonguldak and Bartin

Parts of hazelnuts inshell stripped of their shells. Divided into three groups.
Round hazelnut kernels: With diameters equal or slightly less than their height.

Pointed hazelnut kernels: With height slightly more than their diameters and tapering endes.

Other hazelnut kernels: Those other than round and pointed hazelnuts.

Hazelnuts kernels are prepared in extra, 1 and class 2. Extra and 1st class hazelnut kernels have a minimum diameter of 9 mm. Those below this size are named thin or piccola (6-9 mm.) hazelnuts.

Extra and 1st class hazelnuts are generally prepared in following sizes in accordance with the requirement of the buyer:

a) 13-15 mm

b) 11-13 mm.

c) less than 11 mm.

2nd class hazelnut kernels do not require a sizing.


Produced by removing the skin of the hazelnut kernels and containing maximum 3% moisture. Its color is slightly darker compared to blanched hazelnut.

Blanched hazelnut kernels are prepared according to the standards involved by our Union.

Fields of use:

Directly consumed as snacks and used as raw material in food industry.

Certificate of Compliance with Turkish Standards granted and bears TSE brand.

Hazelnuts In Shell
Hazelnut Kernels
Bleached and Roasted
Sliced and Diced
Hazelnut Paste
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