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''Speeches of Mr. Sorgun Ozbalci in Foodnews
Dried Fruit and Nuts Conference-2003 Amsterdam''
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''Consumption and Product Trends in Turkey - Dried Fruits and Nuts''
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   Nutrition Values
Dried fig is a healthy fruit
Turkish figs are just dried in the sun at Aydin and Izmir provinces. All basic nutrient radicals to synthesize proteins in contained in the dried fruits.

20 % of the energy requirement is met by consuming 200 grams (10 figs) while meeting about 14% of protein requirement and while also meeting 34 percent of Recommended Daily Allowances for Calcium, and 60 % of Iron, and 60 % of Magnesium minerals and also meeting 10.4 % of Vitamin B1 and 9 % of Vitamin B2, these are all required for cell reconstruction.

Smyrna dried figs contain every kind of dietary fibers in high ratios. These are pectin, cellulose, hemicelluloses, lignin and polysaccharides.

Dried figs are in the class of foods containing highest quantities of dietary fiber. 200 grams of dried figs contain about 13 grams of dietary fibers. The USA Dietetic Association recommends a daily fiber intake of 20 to 35 grams from a variety of sources combined with a low-fat, high-carbohydrate diet.

Figs contain Calcium as much as milk. 100 grams of milk meets 17% of the Recommended Dietary Allowances for Calcium.

Dried figs contain the counterbalanced amount of Phosphorus together with Calcium.

Smyrna (Izmir) dried figs are the most natural delicious and healthy fruits.

Typical values Per 1000 grams (40-60 figs)
Energy : 2170 kcal (9080 kJ)
Protein : 40 g
Carbohydrate : 553 g
of which sugars : 553 g
Fat : 12 g
of which saturates : 2 g
Dietary Fibre : 67 g

* % of RDA
Calcium : 1380 mg 17
Iron : 42 mg 30
Magnesium : 915 mg 30.5
Phosphorus : 1630 mg 20

Vitamin B1 : 0.73 mg 5.2
Vitamin B2 : 0.72 mg 4.5

* Recommended Daily Allowances as per European Union directive no. 90/ 496


Just keep in the dry and places it has a shell life of 2 years if it is kept in 4-6 Celsius degree

Avoid direct sunlight, although it has no effect on quality but direct sunlight may warm the dried figs to make them more dry or activate microorganisms, if environment is humid.

Optimum relative humidity is 50-60 %. Avoid humid and stagnant environment.

Cartons should be stowed about 10 cm above the ground on pallets and cartons should be covered with cloth or plastic in high ceiling spaces. There must be at least slight natural ventilation to prevent possible moisture condensing on dried figs.

As water at the outer level of dried figs evaporate, natural sugars crystallize on the outer surface of dried figs. This is normal and natural.


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